'Space Jam 2' Might Not Be About Basketball

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Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang might have to learn a few new tricks to keep up with the all-stars of the inevitable Space Jam sequel. Whispers about Space Jam 2 have been circling since 2014, and while director Justin Lin doesn’t seem too keen to rush a film to theaters, he recently gave some hints about what to expect from the sequel.

And it seems like basketball might not be the only sport involved this time around.

“I’ve been really wanting to push that genre but to do that you need the right amount of time,” Lin told IGN in an article published Tuesday. “So there’s a logistical challenge, but also creatively to do a sequel 20 years later with a new cast. I feel like I’ve gone done nine different iterations already and we’re going to keep going, but we’re getting closer every day.

“There are so many sports and also Space Jam fans,” he added. “I just run into them, and everybody’s volunteering to be in the movie.”


LeBron James has supposedly been all-in on the sequel since 2016, looking to take on a lead role similar to Michael Jordan’s in the first film. But Lin’s comments about there being “so many sports” and people wanting to be in the movie really make it feel as if the movie will include more than just basketball.

And then the question becomes: How do you combine a ton of different sports into a movie as wildly, weirdly popular as Space Jam? Do you take the sequel to the next level and go all-in on the Olympics (or some other kind of multi-sport tournament)?

It seems fans will have to wait to find out.

Space Jam 2 does not yet have a release date.

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