Woody Harrelson Sticks Up for the New Han Solo


Pirate-turned-grudging-hero Han Solo will pilot that ol’ rust bucket, the Millennium Falcon, in the upcoming standalone Han Solo Star Wars film. And while some Star Wars fans don’t yet seem too sold on young Han actor Alden Ehrenreich, co-star Woody Harrelson is all-in.

On Sunday, while speaking at a press junket for his upcoming film, The Glass Castle, Harrelson stood up for Ehrenreich and the Han Solo film as a whole, which has undergone its fair share of troubles.

“He’s a great actor and a great guy, [with a] great sense of humor,” Harrelson told Entertainment Tonight of Ehrenreich. “I think a lot of humor comes through what he’s doing. I think it could be one of the funnier Star Wars movies.”

The film, which doesn’t even have an official title yet, dramatically lost its original co-directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, and brought on Ron Howard as the new director in June. The changeup was accompanied by rumors that Miller and Lord were taking the film in a slap-stick humor direction, delving into more a comedic tone than any Star Wars film has done in the past.


But Harrelson’s reassurance that Ehrenreich is a good fit for the character of Han Solo and that fans will like the film might come as a relief to some, as the general public doesn’t have much to go off of. Lucasfilm has released few details and Howard definitely isn’t willing to give too much away.

Game of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke, who will play an unspecified role in the Han Solo standalone, also rarely posts anything from the film’s set, though she did take to Instagram on Friday to celebrate her 10 million followers with a video of Chewbacca. But that’s not so much a plot detail as it is a fun aside. At least fans know the cast is having a great time.

The Han Solo standalone film is expected to premiere in theaters on May 25, 2018.

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