Democrats Just Announced Some Cringeworthy Slogans for 2018

A fundraising email offered donors the chance to vote on a new bumper sticker design. If only they could offer meaningful policy concessions to the growing Left. 


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee unveiled a series of lackluster slogan designs via email on Wednesday twhich demonstrate how out-of-touch they are with the youth voting bloc. The party has also vastly overestimated our willingness to read tiny script on a bumper sticker.

The fundraising email urges recipients to choose between slogans that range from milquetoast to comically tone-deaf, from “she persisted, we resisted,” to “Democrats 2018: I mean, have you seen the other guys?”

People were swift to voice their disapproval on Twitter once images of the email were released. Some expressed skepticism at the slogans’ ability to motivate voters when the sayings themselves are so blatantly derivative.

Others offered up alternative phrases which link back to issues like single-payer healthcare and raising the minimum wage, support for which has grown rapidly within the party. Most critics seemed frustrated that the party seems to be attempting to attract moderates rather than appeal to their base.

Two-thirds of Democratic Party members aged 18-29 [support a single-payer healthcare system,] ( and a HuffPost/YouGov survey showed that 77% of Democrat participants favored raising minimum wage to $10.10/hr.

But to many, the tendency towards the twee comes as no surprise from a party that has consistently ignored the leftist rumblings within it.

Also, seriously, robin’s egg on baby blue? Gross, guys.

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