'Wonder Woman' Crushes 'The Mummy' at the Box Office

Sorry Tom Cruise, Wonder Woman is America’s darling.

Although The Mummy managed to make it to number one worldwide on its opening weekend — bringing in $141.8 million — it failed to top the domestic box office. It was Wonder Woman who drew the most audiences this week, bringing in $57.2 million to make it to a $205 million total overall.

The Mummy fared considerably less well at home, with an estimated $32.2 million from 4,035 theatres. Starring Tom Cruise, The Mummy is Universal Pictures’ second go at a reboot of the classic monster caper — the first being the Brendan Fraser trilogy that started in the late ‘90s. So far, The Mummy hasn’t fared as well as its previous namesakes, bringing in less than the original ‘90s Mummy and its sequel on its opening weekend.

Things are looking a lot brighter for Wonder Woman. The Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ origin film already made history last week when it broke the record for the highest box office numbers for a female-directed film. With only a 45 percent drop in its second week, Wonder Woman is faring better than several recent DC films; for context, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice both fell by almost 70 percent in their second week.

In other news, the terrifying-looking It Comes at Night also opened this weekend and it’s not doing as well as expected with audiences. Despite its critical acclaim, Box Office Mojo reports the psychological thriller was expected to bring in about $10 million and has only managed $6 million this weekend. So far, there is an interesting parity happening with this film; critics have given it 86 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, while audiences are only giving it 44 percent.

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