Learn How Wolverine’s Extra-Violent Claws Were Made for 'Logan'

Rising Sun Pictures

Wolverine’s last hurrah in Logan brandished a hard-R rating from with pride as it brought Logan’s many stabbings, impalements, and slashes to life. Doing this meant that the production needed some innovative visual effects for the movie. Making Logan’s more gruesome violence look real was largely the work of the folks at Rising Sun Pictures.

When it came time to stab somebody through the head, arm, or chest — or lop off a spare limb, for that matter — the team had to create many of those shots entirely in VFX. A new featurette from Rising Sun Pictures offers a closer look at the 230 or so shots that they had to make for Logan.

Shot for shot, the video proceeds through the film, breaking down the VFX layers needed to make it all look real. Beyond all the claw violence and blood drippings, Rising Sun Pictures also worked on shots of other mutant powers, like when Logan slowly forces bullets out of his chest in a gas station bathroom or when any of Laura’s friends use their powers. They also altered the landscape throughout Logan look slightly more dystopian.

Check out the VFX Breakdowns video from Rising Sun Pictures right here:

Logan is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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