Red Band ‘Logan’ Trailer Slices in One Brutal Change

20th Century Fox

Two trailers for Fox’s R-rated Logan film were released today, and the second, international red band trailer includes one crucial difference: gore.

Logan is the third solo Wolverine film and takes place sometime in the indiscernible future where mutants have disappeared. Only Wolverine and Professor X remain as familiar faces. Set to Johnny Cash’s moody rendition of “Hurt,” the Logan trailer was everything people were expecting of the film: dark, atmospheric, and somber. The only thing that was actually missing was any real violence.

The International trailer changes that, but not drastically which is a good thing considering that overindulging in showcasing blood and violence might take away from the dramatic tone of the trailer. The first teaser was meant to show that this was a different kind of Wolverine story, and not like the action-focused blockbusters like Wolverine: Origins and The Wolverine. Still, how could the film be rated R and not indulge in something like this?


20th Century Fox

It seemed strange that the news leading up to the film’s trailer debut focused a lot on the fact that this would be a hard-R Wolverine film. I appreciate the trailer for defying expectations to provide something melancholy and serious in its stead.

But this scene, if nothing else, definitely shows that no matter how low-key and tonally unique Logan might end up being, it’s still about Wolverine, and the film will benefit from unleashing Wolverine’s violence on unsuspecting enemies. Even better if they can unite Wolverine’s brutality with the stark tone of the film, which will only strengthen the film as Logan’s final outing.

Aside from that, the international trailer doesn’t really deviate from the previously released trailer. There are moments that showcase Logan, Laura Kinney, and Charles Xavier enjoying a nice family dinner, some scenes involving everyday life in the outback, and bad guys trying to ruin everything. And it’s still really beautiful.

Logan is scheduled to release March 2017.

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