This Infographic Reveals How Tesla Model S Beats Range Anxiety

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Electric cars are growing in popularity, but many people claim that “range anxiety” puts them off from making the switch. What if I don’t make it to a charger before the battery runs out? Gas stations are rife, and it’s hard to justify switching to a new form of technology if the infrastructure might not exist to make it through your journey. But it’s possible that the range on your next electric car is just fine, especially if you’re choosing a Tesla Model S.

The issue varies depending on the car and manufacturer. A new infographic from loan company Title Pro compares the range of a number of popular electric vehicles, and the results are surprising.

The Model S tops the list, with a nominal range of 249 to 335 miles depending on the model. Similarly, the Model X boasts a range of 237 to 295 miles. Both offer a number of battery sizes during the checkout stage, meaning you can choose to sacrifice range and save money.

Bottom of the list is the Nissan Leaf, with a range of just 75 miles. That might still be acceptable, though, depending on the driver’s needs. The United States Department of Transportation claims that 100 miles of range is sufficient for 90 percent of all household trips in the country. The Leaf starts at $30,680, far cheaper than the $68,000 start price for the Model S.

The more people use and experience electric cars, the more they get to like them. Research conducted at Oxford Brookes University shows that people shed their initial images of the vehicles once they get some experience with them. That means high-range vehicles like the Model S can persuade consumers to make the switch without fear of losing out on battery life.

View the infographic below:

The infographic


The future looks promising.