Showtime's 'Twin Peaks' Revival Confounded and Excited Twitter

David Lynch is as weird and inscrutable as ever.

'Twin Peaks'

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks had always been a bizarre and inscrutable mystery that confused as much as it entertained. After more than 25 years on hiatus, Agent Cooper and the peculiar citizens of the titular town of Twin Peaks are back — and things are still weird as hell. The first two episodes in the 18-episode Season 3 dropped on Sunday, May 21, with Episode 3 and 4 becoming available on Showtime’s streaming service shortly afterward.

There’s time travel (kinda?), doppelgängers, a giant, lots of red curtains, apparitions, possessions, and yes, of course, there is murder. Rabid fans are largely gushing on Twitter about the return of what’s apparently always been one of their favorite shows after all this time, even though hardly anybody watched it when it originally aired. But it’s back after more than a quarter-century.

In the third season revival of Twin Peaks, the real Agent Cooper is still cooped up in the Black Lodge while his evil BOB-Cooper fusion of a doppelgänger has been impersonating him this whole time. The show branches out just a bit from Twin Peaks, including locations in the likes of Manhattan and Las Vegas as a means to build out the world.

To fans, the new Twin Peaks is “mysterious and creepy” and “glorious as ever,” marking an “utterly magnificent” return for David Lynch’s cult favorite. Here’s the best that Twitter had to say about it:

Lead actor Kyle MacLachlan got in on the Twitter action, sharing the new opening title sequence.

And even just those opening titles were enough to trigger some people.

Keep in mind, however, that the vast majority of Twin Peaks fans have only liked the 27-year-old show for 27 months, tops.

Remember: There’s more than one way to troll Twin Peaks fans.

But in all seriousness, a lot of people loved it.

It was a real return for both Twin Peaks and David Lynch.

The new Twin Peaks might even be the best Twin Peaks ever.

Somebody did, in fact, brandish the word “perfect.”

But why bother failing to capture one’s reaction in a thinkpiece when there’s Twitter?

Many were nonetheless inspired towards eloquence at the Lynchian majesty in 140 characters or less.

If there’s anything David Lynch does well, it’s being thoroughly Lynchian. But who can really express what that even means?

Actually, did anybody really understand what was going on in the premiere?

Of course, nobody understood what was going on. That’s why reactions like this one are necessary.

We’re still trying to figure it out.

But really what’s the deal with that jail cell?

It was impossible not to dip toward satirizing President Donald Trump and his affinity for glowing orbs.

A lot of reviews had the same buzz words. The New York Times, for instance, said that David Lynch remains “inimitable.”

BBC News, on the other hand, thought “inscrutable” was a more appropriate word.

Fans had some very strong opinions about the dark revelation that James has supposedly “always been cool.”

You can watch the first four episodes of Twin Peaks via Showtime right now, with new episodes coming out on Sundays.