Agent Cooper Returns in New 'Twin Peaks’ Teaser

It’s a damn fine teaser for the new season on Showtime if you ask us.


If you expected the latest teaser for Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks to be anything but cryptic and perfectly Lynchian, then you were wrong. The spot does, however, give fans their first legitimate look at actor Kyle MacLachlan reprising his role as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. It’s a damn fine teaser, if you ask us.

Showtime hasn’t spilled many details about the latest season of David Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost’s continuation of the cult classic series. The original run of the show — which was canceled after two seasons in 1991 — told the story of MacLachlan’s fish-out-of-water FBI agent investigating the aftermath of the murder of a young named Laura Palmer in a kooky pacific northwest town called Twin Peaks. For the revival, though, we actually don’t have any details whatsoever besides a lengthy cast list and the unorthodox premiere date rollout.

The new third season consists of 18 episodes each directed by Lynch, and features the return of 37 original series cast members including MacLachlan. Unfortunately, some original series actors like Piper Laurie, Lara Flynn Boyle, Joan Chen, Michael Ontkea,n and Eric Da Re won’t return.

Twin Peaks is set to premiere on Showtime on May 21 with a two-hour episode, and the next two episodes will immediately be available online after that.

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