'Alien: Covenant' Beats Out 'Guardians 2' for Top Box Office Spot

Despite lukewarm reviews, Alien: Covenant managed to be the top monster at the box office this weekend, earning $36 million in its debut at home and $81.8 million to date globally.

Still, it’s not a stellar showing; the film didn’t level up to its predecessor, Prometheus, which made $51.5 million domestically when it debuted in August of 2012. It also clocked in below expectations, as the Hollywood Reporter stated that Covenant had been anticipated to make $40 to $45 million over the weekend.

The Ridley Scott-directed prequel cost $97 million to make, so considering its cumulative earnings of $117.8 million, it’s already coming out a little above even. How it’ll fare in the coming weeks as eager audiences and xenomorph die-hards begin to wane will be the true test.

Coming in right behind Alien: Covenant is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which in its third week is still managing to be a steady earner. It garnered $35.1 million from 4,347 domestic cinemas this weekend, contributing to a whopping $732.6 million global total thus far.

Alien: Covenant is the sequel to Prometheus and the prequel to Alien (got that?). The film features Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup as this episode’s ill-fated crew who encounter the killing machine that is the xenomorph on an alien planet.

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