‘The Flash’ Reveals Barry Allen's Love for ‘DBZ’ and Anime Club


When Barry Allen loses his memory in the most recent episode of The Flash, “Cause And Effect,” we learn his deepest, darkest secret: Barry Allen once was a member of his high school’s Anime Club. “You loved, loved Dragon Ball Z!” Iris explains to an amnesiac Barry.

Barry, of course, has completely forgotten his affinity for flying Saiyans shooting chi blasts at one another, and screaming to increase their power levels. Frankly, we’re surprised that the Flash doesn’t use his speed punches more often, or at the very least mimic a good Kaio-ken before he takes off running sometimes.

Barry rightfully admits to Iris, “I definitely had quite the nerd thing going on, huh?” Yeah, Barry sounds like he might have been a weeaboo at some point. Either way, he was definitely a nerdy overachiever if his accolades include Key Club, Astronomy Club, and Yearbook.

Amnesia Barry also jokingly blames Iris for not warning him how bad his “look” was, which is perhaps the most fun that Barry and Iris, along with the show itself, has had all season. Be comforted in knowing that Barry might return to this Emo Barry look by 2024, should Iris actually die.

Barry Allen in the early aughts.

The Flash

This delightful memory loss subplot comes after — in yet another effort to stop or stall Savitar — Cisco and Team Flash come up with a plan to alter Barry’s brain, which accidentally wipes his memory entirely, and erases Wally’s powers in the process. Though it’s all short-lived, and the show resumes its recent streak of gravitas, it’s refreshing to see Barry and Iris reconnecting and flirting in lighthearted moments that aren’t marred by her impending death. “It’s really nice to see you smiling so much,” Iris says, which is something a lot of fans of The Flash will agree with.

Check out the scene in question that outs Barry as a total anime nerd.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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