Fans Love "Emo Barry" on 'The Flash'

Against all odds, the Barry Allen of Central City 2024 not only succeeded in helping his younger self put a stop to Mirror Master and Top in “The Once and Future Flash,” but he also managed to get “Emo Barry” trending on Twitter.

In “The Once and Future Flash,” Barry Allen is desperate for any bit of information that could help him in the fight against Savitar, so he runs himself to the future — 2024 to be specific — so that he can talk to his future self, figure out Savitar’s identity, and concoct some scheme to put a stop to the impending death of his fiancée. It’s business as usual on The Flash.

What Barry didn’t expect was to find Team Flash disbanded, Cisco with Terminator arms, Wally paralyzed, and perhaps worst of all, his future self as a greasy-haired, self-deprecating mope the internet affectionately — and accurately — dubbed “Emo Barry.” And, yes, it was a term that trended in the U.S. the night the episode aired.

It was truly a meeting of the minds, with one being Whiny and the other, Emo.

Emo Barry might have said the following (but he didn’t).

He could definitely be in some band you can never remember the name of.

Emo Barry spends his days in the ruins of S.T.A.R. Labs looking at old pictures of himself and Iris (typical) in the Time Vault, probably from way back when they were still brother and sister.

He even goes so far as to tell … himself … something along the lines of, “You could never understand!” (let that sink in). Emo kids never feel understood, guys. We’re pretty sure Barry knows that Iris is the love of his life, but Emo Barry isn’t so sure, so he reminds himself.

And in case it wasn’t clear, he reminds younger Barry that Iris will definitely die right in his arms.

That was where his endless quotability began. But by far, his best line is: “One day, you’ll lock [Savitar] in the Speed Force. But by then, he’s already won, because everything you’ve ever loved is gone … including you.” RIP Barry.

The internet didn’t like his bad attitude, but they teased him even more for his hair.

We were all frustrated when Emo Barry didn’t have much help to offer Whiny Barry, but there might be an explanation…

But in all seriousness, especially by the end, Emo Barry is just a sad dude who lost the love of his life. He’s a bit more hopeful for Whiny Barry’s future after they get Team Flash back together, even if his advice is to just make more happy memories before Iris bites it.

It really did break all our hearts.

So many people give Emo Barry a hard time, but at least his costume looked dope.

Let’s be real. It was undeniably awesome:

Emo Barry in all his 2024 costume glory.

Though we might never see Emo Barry again, his costume could return to the show at some point. The Flash is long overdue for some manner of upgrade, and the ever-eager Cisco is ready and willing — unless his hands get frozen off or something.

For now, the saga against Savitar continues on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on The CW.