Faraday Future Gives Best Look Yet at Its Tesla Rival

Faraday Future

On Monday, the electric car startup Faraday Future, released a teasing video of its car, the FF 91.

The company is working to rival Tesla in the growing electric car market, but its financial future hasn’t been as rosy as other electric car start-ups. This new look at the FF 91 emphasizes that the car feels like the future, showing off its speed and technical elements in how the trailer is filmed instead of showing those aspects of the car in action.

The teaser opens with shots of foggy mountains and tiny indication arrows with numbers and “FF91 Processing” labels. Suddenly the camera speeds up along a mountain road and in comes shots of the FF91, displaying a circular LIDAR hub on its front hood (that apparently extends when it’s in use), a sleek body shape, and a bar of lights around the edge of the hood.

Between the epic electronic music in the teaser for the Faraday Future, and the heavy use of jump cuts that rival Liam Neeson climbing over a fence in Taken 3, it’s a trailer that really works the drama.

Despite the epic shooting of the teaser, the finances at Faraday Future have plagued its efforts with false starts. Faraday Future is being sued for not paying its bills, and its investors are reportedly struggling to make ends meet. This hasn’t been the case, publicly at least, for other potential Tesla rivals, like Lucid Motors, which has had an easier time than Faraday Future in terms of public perception.

When the FF 91 car is eventually released, rumors suggest it could cost $300,000, but if it can be priced closer to what Tesla is asking for the Model X, the specs on the FF 91 are pretty competitive. The car can go 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds and can go 378 miles between charges of its 150 kWh battery, according to the company specs. If the FF 91 can make it into production, it looks like a pretty sweet ride.

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