Watch a Disguised Faraday Future Prototype Stalking a Tesla Model X

Faraday Future hasn’t been very forthcoming with details about its upcoming self-driving, all-electric car, but thanks to some home video from the streets of San Clemente, we know the prototype FF 91 model is out on the streets in West Hollywood.

The last time we saw the FF 91 was at CES 2017, where a prototype vehicle very slowly parked itself outside the convention and the company gave various bloggers and journalist test rides. Now, it appears the company is testing out the car’s autonomous driving facilities, as the spotted prototype has a rack on sensors on top that are mirrored on the Tesla Model X.

A Twitter user named Darren, who also goes by Frank White on YouTube, spotted a heavily-disguised FF 91 apparently testing its self-driving sensors earlier this week. The FF 91 was closely following a Tesla Model X perhaps to test the Faraday car’s performance against the Tesla’s systems.

The Tesla had been outfitted with the same sensor strip on the roof as the Faraday, as another person in Darren/ White’s video notes.

In the original video, Darren wonders what kind of car the vehicle is, even pulling up next to its driver and asking “is that the Model 3?” The prototype’s driver laughs and says “no.”

In a follow-up video posted on Friday, you can clearly see the Faraday logo drawn in the dust of the prototype’s rear windshield (as well as a crossed out Tesla logo, just for fun).

Yep, that’s a Faraday alright.

Check out the crossed out Tesla logo as well. 


Faraday hasn’t exactly had a smooth go of it over the past year, struggling with money problems and overblown expectations of its product. But it looks like it had a product on the streets, and as the company likes to say “this is the fun part.”