New Lawsuit Makes Faraday Future's Money Problems Even Worse

Getty Images / Ethan Miller

Electric car company Faraday Future is having a real rough go of it lately. Executives are jumping ship, its chief investor is hemorrhaging money, and it apparently can’t pay its bills.

That last bit is a real problem, because now the Los Angeles-based company is being sued for $1.8 million by a visual effects company that claims Faraday Future stiffed it, having paid out only $20,000 of a promised $1,822,750 for a promotional graphics presentation.

Jalopnik reports that the effects company, The Mill Group, may have designed parts of Faraday’s flashy presentation at CES earlier this year, though the complaint doesn’t specify exactly what the work was for. All it does say is that Faraday reached out to The Mill Group in August requesting a graphics presentation featuring “virtual reality, augmented reality, and holographic components, to promote the January 2017 launch of a new electric vehicle deployed by Faraday.”

A Faraday Future car in better times, apparently.

Getty Images / Ethan Miller

Although Faraday supposedly promised to pay in three installments, The Mill Group alleges that only one small payment has been made.

“Faraday has repeatedly acknowledged that it accepts the sums owing to The Mill and its intention to pay,” the complaint reads, according to Jalopnik. “However, despite repeated requests for payment and promises by Faraday to pay, funds have not been received. Instead, Faraday has only paid $20,000.00 to the Mill, leaving a total outstanding balance in the amount of $1,802,750.00.”

Neither Faraday nor The Mill Group are commenting on the lawsuit, but Faraday’s future isn’t looking super bright at the moment.

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