Here's Our First Look at Kylo Ren's New Cape in 'The Last Jedi'

Kylo Ren has officially ditched his Force Awakens evil shawl for a big evil cape in The Last Jedi. The first clear images of Kylo Ren’s and Rey’s costumes from Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi have popped up in material for the video game Battlefront II.

On Thursday, a Reddit user noticed a screen image from Battlefront, which clearly showed both Kylo Ren’s and Rey’s new costumes. Rey’s Jedi-ish outfit isn’t what she is wearing in the first trailer, but it’s similar to what has been glimpsed before. But the image of Kylo Ren with a new, big, flowing cape seems to be new. The text on these is clear to point out that these aren’t images of how the characters will appear in the game, but instead, publicity images from the movie itself.

It’s been rumored that the cape Kylo Ren wears in The Last Jedi is actually Darth Vader’s literal cape, though that’s unconfirmed at this point.

It does seem like Kylo has permanently ditched his helmet in this film, though. There has yet to be any promotional image where he’s wearing it, implying he might have smashed it before the events of the movie get going.

The Last Jedi will hit theaters on December 15.

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