20 Funniest Signs at the March for Science


Signs at New York's March for Science rally.

Defenders of science picked up their protest signs and brushed up on their science puns on Saturday, as March for Science rallies took place in 500 cities internationally. Purposefully coinciding with Earth Day, the objective of the March for Science was to be both a celebration of science and a means to vocalize the need for the government to financially support science research and education.

It was also the perfect opportunity for people to bust out their nerdiest science jokes. In New York, where organizers of the march and police on site say the crowds ranged from 25,000 to 30,000 participants, people mixed pop culture, puns, and carefully picked scientific equations to get their message across. These were some of the best that Inverse saw:

Science keeps life from becoming Oregon Trail.


Hot flashes: not the cause of global warming.

Tag team.

A zoological observation:

Just an observation.

If you have to grab something, grab data.

I see what you did there.

This is what is called a fact.

Get the facts.

Schröndinger’s cat with a twist:

A twist.

Get it? Because chemistry.

Science jokes are good.

Carol didn’t wear safety goggles either.

Damn it Carol.

K, thanks.

Wonder who she's talking about.

He really knew how to lean into his brand.

Stereotypes can be true.

Her pipettes are just hers, thank you.

You heard her.

Carl Sagan, that is.


Clever square root call-out:

It's an imaginary unit.

Ru Paul and science is a nice combination.


The important word here is “like.”

It's like magic but not.

Timely meme:

(I think those are still science actually).

Just making an observation:

Also true.

Very hot right now indeed.

So hot right now.

Dark but fair:


The pun game here is on point.

Puns for days.

Extra credit for cuteness:

Dynamic duo.

Here are David and Liam, a father and son Inverse spoke to before the march. David is a medical technician and Liam’s favorite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus rex. David was marching because he’s concerned that federal funding cuts will drastically hurt medical research, and Liam just seems to be really down for science. They were ready to have a great day being a voice for a subject they love, which is really the crux of what the March for Science seemed to be all about.

Media via Sarah Sloat