Nerdy Protestors Play 'Star Wars' Theme at the March for Science

Rebels or nerds? Maybe a little bit of both.

On Saturday, citizens gathered across the United States and the world to join the March for Science. The protest, taking place in 500 cities throughout the U.S., as well as international locales such as Sydney and Paris, is an effort to protest what many see as attacks on science by President Donald Trump and his administration. Amid the demonstrations, protestors express their concerns in a variety of ways. Some hold signs, while others chant. And some, well, some play the theme song to Star Wars in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

With its themes of resistance under an ideologically-driven government, Star Wars seems like a perfect fit for Saturday’s protest.

But Jill Dvornik, one of the New York City March for Science co-organizers, says the reason for the music is simple:

“‘Cause we’re nerds. We’re nerds who love Star Wars,” she tells Inverse.

For Dvornik, a senior stem cell researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital, the protest is more than just an opportunity to nerd out, though. It’s a chance to speak up about funding cuts to important scientific initiatives.

And while the musicians playing the famous John Williams tune were a bit too engrossed in their music to speak with Inverse, it’s safe to say they didn’t just come out to express their love for the space opera.

Members of the scientific community perceive the White House’s focus on coal for energy production, efforts to defund the Department of Energy, and Muslim travel ban as actions that threaten to undermine the role of science in policy-making.

Amid fears that ideology, rather than scientific research, are driving public policy in 2017, scientists have organized to demonstrate that they are not only concerned about the state of funding for science but that they care enough to make their voices heard. And what better way to get one’s point across than with messaging that’s as fun as it is poignant?

Yasmin Tayag and Sarah Sloat contributed reporting to this article.

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