First 'Cloak & Dagger' Trailer Reveals Tandy and Ty's Powers

Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson are the ultimate proof that opposites attract. Marvel and Freeform just released the first trailer for their upcoming series Cloak & Dagger, and it already looks like one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

For those not in the know, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger comics are a love story in superhero spandex, and this new series seems determined to tow the line on that. In the comics, Tandy (portrayed by Olivia Holt in the new series) has the ability to produce “daggers” of light and purge people of addiction. Her powers are a heavy-handed metaphor for her suburban upbringing, a much lighter, kinder life than her partner Ty (portrayed by Aubrey Joseph in the new series) ever had. Ty grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but always did his best to keep himself moving forward. As Tandy’s opposite, Ty is linked to the Darkforce Dimension, meaning he can absorb people’s life force and, essentially, control the darkness around himself, as well as teleport.

Marvel’s comics have Ty and Tandy meeting in New York City after running away from home. They’re kidnapped and experimented on by a chemist, Dr. Simon Marshall, who injects them with something called D-Lite. Because of Tandy and Ty’s latent mutant powers (yes, in the comics they’re mutants, though it’s unclear if they’ll be in the show), they’re the only two of the kidnapped teenagers to survive experimentation and they get their special powers as a result.

Tandy and Ty have their own comic series, but also appear frequently as a part of the Runaways team, a team that will also be getting its own TV series in the future on Hulu.

But the first trailer for the Freeform series hints at Tandy and Ty meeting in a very different way.

Tandy and Ty on a beach as children.

Apparently, Ty and Tandy will meet as children after Ty saves Tandy from drowning. They accidentally meet up again years later after they’ve lived two very different lives, but they’re unimaginably connected.

There’s still no word as to how Tandy and Ty end up with their powers in the show — whether it’s through experimentation or through some other means — but they first become aware of these powers in a graveyard. Ty grab’s Tandy’s hand, and they’re thrown apart, their powers manifesting seemingly from nowhere.

Tandy and Ty discovering their powers.

From there, the trailer depicts the two as dangerous and deeply confused. Fans get a first look at Tandy’s light daggers, which look to be appropriately menacing and beautiful.

Tandy with a light dagger.

And there’s also a sneak peak at Ty wearing his characteristic cape, the one that’s connected to the Darkforce Dimension. He looks troubled in the scene, maybe having just teleported unknowingly to the top of the building he’s seen on.

Cloak & Dagger premieres on Freeform sometime in 2018.

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