'Destiny 2' Trailer Shows What Happened to 'Destiny' Gear

Everything is gone. Your stuff, but more importantly, Cayde's stuff.

It’s rare when direct video game sequels retcon a reason why your character loses all of their gear and progress you worked so hard for in the previous installment, but the latest trailer for Bungie’s Destiny 2 does just that.

Some games get away with it by introducing entirely new characters and/or worlds, like Final Fantasy. Others put the same character in entirely new circumstances, strapped for resources, like the Batman: Arkham games. And Mass Effect 2 famously saw the protagonist Shepard die in the opening cinematics, only to be revived and rebuilt into what was literally a new life.

But now, following a recent announcement that Destiny characters could be imported into the sequel — not unlike with [Mass Effect] carrying your character model through the trilogy — Bungie clarified that only the cosmetic features of the character models would move over. All progress, weapons, and armor would be reset for the new game. Players spent hundreds, even thousands, of hours hunting elusive white whales like the Gjallarhorn or Hawkmoon (Year 1) … and they won’t be able to take them along for the ride. But why? Because this is what happens to your vault full of gear:

Following a comedic but explosive teaser from Cayde-6 detailing the initial attack on the tower of Earth’s last city, Bungie released a full worldwide reveal on March 30 that featured the Guardians regrouping in the nearby woods to hear the inspiring, rallying speech from Commander Zavala … and a sardonic monologue from Cayde. As part of Cayde’s speech, we get confirmation: “Everything is gone: your stuff, my stuff, most importantly my stuff.”

It will likely be frustrating for some fans who worked tireless hours collecting every exotic item in the game, but perhaps a fresh start is exactly what the franchise needs in light of mixed reviews over the course of its lifespan. Take solace in Cayde’s promise — complete with a “come at me bro” pose — that “there will be a ton of loot!”

Watch the full trailer here:

Destiny 2 hits retailers September 8.

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