New 'Doctor Who' Teaser Shows How the TARDIS Defeats Tanks


There’s a new teaser out for the upcoming Season 10 of BBC’s Doctor Who, and it show’s how the Doctor handles being completely surrounded by a bunch of tanks.

The new companion, Bill (Pearl Mackie), narrates the 17-second short, reminding viewers, “He doesn’t have a tank or a warship … he has a box that you can call for help.” The teaser begins with 16 or so alien-looking tanks rumbling to a halt in a tight circle around the TARDIS on what looks like a war-torn alien planet. Just as they’re about the fire, the TARDIS queues up with its delightful, whirly noise and vanishes. All of the laser blasts hit ally tanks instead of the TARDIS. Classic Doctor, using his enemies’ own bravado against them.

This is pretty much the same way the Doctor and Sally Sparrow handled the Weeping Angels in the fan favorite episode “Blink.” With the TARDIS surrounded by Angels, the Doctor dematerialized it away, rendering those Angels permanently looking at one another, and therefore permanently in their stone form.

Check out this new teaser below:

This teaser is a pleasant reminder that after a much-too-long hiatus, causing withdrawal, Doctor Who is back on BBC and BBC America April 15.

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