Just Try Not Blinking in this Weeping Angels 'Doctor Who' Game

Just in time for Halloween, the scariest monsters from Doctor Who — the Weeping Angels — have invaded actual computer screens IRL, recreating all the terror of everyone’s favorite episode “Blink.”

Over on the official BBC site, there’s a new game from Taster called Doctor Who: Don’t Blink! in which you can attempt to defeat the insidious Weeping Angels by beating them in a staring contest. As in the beloved Season 3 episode “Blink,” the Angels have the TARDIS and it’s up to you to retrieve the key and escape. Using your computer’s webcam, the game actually “knows” if you are blinking or not. This combines elements of the Season 5 Matt Smith episodes “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone” in which we learned “the image of an angel is an angel.” So, just like Amy Pond, today you’ll be starring at your computer screen and trying not to blink or look away.

The angels are coming!

BBC UK and Taster

And the coolest thing is, the game really works: When you blink, your webcam detects your blink and one of the Weeping Angels really does advance, getting more menacing with each blink. And if they get close enough (about four blinks): BOOM! You are zapped back to some point in the past where you’ll languish forever. The game even gives you the exact time and place in history where the angels have imprisoned you.

BBC UK and Taster

So, if you want to awaken your inner Sally Sparrow, check out the game on the BBC UK site. We’re not sure it’s even possible to “win” this game, even though the 12th Doctor gives you some instructions at the beginning on how to rescue the TARDIS. But honestly, when it’s such an accurate recreation of the spooky mood of Doctor Who’s most popular foes, it’s almost more fun when you lose.

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