The 'Rick and Morty' Rickstaverse Expands Before Season 3

You can visit the newest Galactic Federation-controlled planet: Earth!

You can now explore the Earth from Rick and Morty in the wake of the Season 2 finale Galactic Federation takeover. The nearly inscrutable Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram account released what you might call an expansion to its bizarre point-and-click adventure: dozens of linked Instagram accounts allow you to peruse through various locales from the show in their current state. What you see is a hostile takeover from the Gromflomite-run Galactic Federation and a huge influx of various aliens living, working, and coexisting with humans.

Though you can arguably see more on a web browser, the UI is definitely optimized for a mobile experience. From @rickandmortyrickstaverse, you need to click on the billboard-style ad in the center of the most recent three posts. That allows you to click on the tagged account @warp_to_gfed_earth.

If that sounds confusing at all, it’s because it sort of is, mainly because it’s a bit of a mindfuck. There’s an entire account devoted to explanatory panels, and this walkthrough video from the original version might help with navigation:

Just like in the Rickstaverse 1.0, Summer narrates the entire experience while “Grandpa Rick’s in space jail or whatever.” You can actually find her in Wholesome Delight, a Rickstaverse Whole Foods equivalent and also the Smith family home. There are a ton of discoverables, ranging from Morty Take the Wheel, a graphic novel of biblical proportions espousing the virtues of the vast number of alternate universe Mortys; a look inside Mr. Poopybutthole’s pad, which includes his drug-addled cat; or an inside look at the Blurtfeed offices.

There’s still no word on when Rick and Morty Season 3 will drop, but there are a lot of things we do know about it.

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