'Rick and Morty' the Rickstaverse Is Instagram's First Game

It is a very weird, very clever but fitfully amusing experience. Swim

The delightful and insane Rick and Morty returns to Adult Swim Sunday, and to herald its arrival comes possibly the first-ever Instagram game, Rick and Morty Rickstaverse. The ultimate goal, if it can be said to have such a thing, is to find links to Season 2 clips hidden within the pictures.

The game works a bit like Where’s Waldo, if Where’s Waldo sucked you deeper into the illustrations wherever you touched the page. And also made jokes about hatching alien eggs in buttholes.

It’s a clever use of the Instagram platform — clearly not designed with gaming in mind — by the agency Carrot, which uses 80 linked accounts to drag you deeper into the odd ‘verse.

For instance, enter the Council of Ricks (spoilers ahoy!):

And poke around until you find a collectible:

If you’re not a fan of the Justin Roiland-Dan Harmon concoction, the mileage of the jokes (“This square is as empty as the lives of people who post nothing but pictures of their lunch”) may vary. But if you’re a Rick and Morty fan, there’s plenty of pretty art to explore and the sexy promise of unseen footage — check it out at:

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