Culture Asks for Obamacare Stories, Misspells "White House"

"White Hosue."

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House Republicans unveiled their healthcare plan, the American Health Care Act, last week, but the would-be Obamacare replacement has been met with lots of criticism, both from Democrats and loud factions of the GOP. Still, Donald Trump’s White House has come out in support of the bill. A page that was recently added to is asking Americans to share how Obamacare has impacted them. While it’s clear from the context that they’re looking for horror stories, that’s not how people on Twitter are responding. And, it turns out, the White House made an embarrassing error: It misspelled its own name.

The new page, “Obamacare: Share Your Story”, encourages people to submit their experience with the Affordable Care Act. The White House sent out an email on Monday calling the law “a complete failure” before asking visitors to share their “Obamacare disaster story.”

At the bottom of the page, right above the “submit” button, lies a typo.

“By submitting, you agree to receive White Hosue emails about this and other issues,” the website reads.

The typo as it appeared on the night of March 13. 

The White House is an official mouthpiece for the Trump administration. It matter when they axe the Spanish language option, or cull any mention of LGBT rights. A typo is, admittedly, much smaller fry, but it’s still noteworthy.

Sure, it’s just a mixed-up couple of letters, but it’s not a great look for the White House, which probably shouldn’t be making these types of mistakes — if for no other reason than optics. It comes off as sloppy, rushed, or incompetent. Folks on Twitter noticed the error and were happy to point it out.

Some people on social media happily agreed to the White House’s request, and sent stories about how their lives had been made better — or saved — by Obamacare. The effort recalled attempts to skew a similarly biased media survey the administration spread several weeks earlier.

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