Designer Dreams Up Netflix-Themed Beers We Wish Were Real

The 'House of Cards' pilsner looks particularly good.

Razan Wehbi

Craft beers have become all the rage as of late, with their signature tastes and well-designed labels. Now, there’s a new line of brews inspired by [Netflix](( that are sure to be a hit — if only they were actually real. For a university project, design student Razan Wehbi concocted a line of beers based off various Netflix series, branding each one with themes and characters from the shows.

Wehbi explains on her portfolio page that she and her fellow students were instructed to choose a brand and then design a package for an edible product. She writes, “The package design had to adhere to the brand’s image while also maintaining product recognition.”

The student’s (disappointingly) fictional product line includes three beers: a pilsner, a stout, and a red ale. Each bottle is designed with a unique color and a label that corresponds to one of Netflix’s many hit programs. She posted the designs of the beers online for the rest of the world to marvel and drool over.

House of Cards got itself a pilsner. The tagline: “not as pale as the U.S. Congress.” And the Underwoods look dapper as usual.

There's also a not-so-subtle dig at the Republican-led Congress.

Razan Wehbi

Sense8, thanks perhaps to the blazing red “8” in its logo, was paired with a red ale. Now, imagine enjoying one of these with the rest of your cluster.

Much like objects in the show, you'll be blown away.

Razan Wehbi 

Finally, Stranger Things, the show with a dark, alternative universe called the Upside Down, got a stout, the darkest of dark beers. Eleven and crew might not be drinking age, but perhaps Joyce and Hopper would enjoy a bottle.

At 7.2 percent alcohol, it's the heaviest of the bunch.

Razan Wehbi

Wehbi even went so far as to decorate the bottle cap with the Netflix logo, a nice touch that gives the bottles even more character.

I'm almost loathe to bend it with a bottle opener.

Razan Wehbi

Considering that other breweries have already capitalized on media-themed beers — like Ommegang with its Game of Thrones brews and Carlsberg with Fallout 4 — it’s perhaps not unreasonable to hope that an inventive brewmaster will see Wehbi’s designs for the golden opportunity that they are. Wehbi’s already done pretty much all of the legwork, right down to the colors of the bottles, which are sure to make the beer stand out on market shelves.

Until then, all we can do is wait and hope. Well, we can do that and crack open a cold one in honor of Wehbi’s vision the next time we find ourselves in front of the television.

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