10 Best Nerd Jokes From Boston's #StandupforScience Protest

They came together to make alloys.

Jamie Vernon / Twitter

Hundreds of scientists and supporters gathered in Boston on Sunday to protest the threat that U.S. President Donald Trump poses to scientific research and policy based on facts.

The gathering occurred outside the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting, the first major gathering of U.S. scientists since Trump’s inauguration. Protesters carried signs and chanted slogans acknowledging the reality of climate change and the danger in giving voice to anti-vaccine advocates, among other issues.

This gathering is part of a rising tide of scientists speaking out against an administration that is widely seen as promoting an anti-science agenda and has threatened to make widespread cuts to research programs, particularly with regards to environmental monitoring and protection. A larger march is planned in Washington D.C. for April 22, on Earth Day.

Folks planning their protest signs for that event might look to their colleagues in Boston, where scientific humor and creativity were on full display.

Use your imagination.

That’s just basic chemistry.

But, autism!

Everyone loves pie.

And what else?

Alternative cat.

That sums it up.

Who are you calling a precipitate?

Where’s the beer tent?

I see what you did there.

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