Godzilla Might Show Up in 'Kong: Skull Island' Post-Credits Sequence


King Kong will survive the ending of Kong: Skull Island. Why? Because he needs to fight Godzilla in future movies. In fact, that Kong/Zilla crossover might happen sooner than you think. The two reigning monster champions might square off in in a post credits sequence at the end of Skull Island.

The details surrounding the post credits sequence are a bit fuzzy. LRM Online’s Kellvin Chavez first tweeted about the scene, but that’s about it. But we can put on our speculating hats to figure some things out.

Kong: Skull Island takes place in the early 1970s, while Gareth Edwards’s Godzilla took place in a contemporary 2014. That movie posited that the giant lizard didn’t show himself to the world until that time, so any post credits sequence featuring the two going toe-to-toe in a monstrous royal rumble would have to take place after 2014.

That raises two points. One, this means that Kong will inevitably survive Skull Island and not die after being brought to New York as seen in basically every other big-screen version of the King Kong story. And two, if Skull Island takes place in the early 70s, what was the giant ape doing for over four decades?

It’s possible that Godzilla and Kong met somewhere to pummel each other in a setting that wasn’t a major metropolitan area. After all, Skull Island is remote enough to harbor “hypervores,” so maybe Godzilla took a detour there to get into a gigantic monster scuffle.

AGain, this is all speculation at this point. But we do know that this post credits sequence will give fans some context for their future battle to crown the king of the monsters once and for all.

Dont’ forget: there’s a movie before that post-credits sequence too, and it looks ridiculously fun. Kong: Skull Island is set to hit theaters on March 10.

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