DC and 'Power Rangers' Villains Are Teaming Up Too

DC Comics

In Justice League/Power Rangers #2 from Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne, cooler heads prevail when the Power Rangers learn that Batman and his Justice League colleagues aren’t monsters for Lord Zedd. But the trouble isn’t over yet. Lord Zedd — who was flung to the DC Universe with Zack, the Black Ranger in last month’s issue — allies with one of Superman’s most notorious foes in a beneficial exchange between the two forces.

After landing in a strange city, Lord Zedd discovers he’s been miniaturized with a giant looking over him. Since Zedd is capable of turning his own henchman into colossal beasts, Zedd increases his body mass to come face to face with his captor … and it’s Brainiac, who is fascinated by his new guest. The two brainy supervillains get along swimmingly, and agree to an exchange: Zedd will give Angel Grove from his universe’s Earth to Brainiac for his collection. In return, Brainiac lends a few of his monsters to assist Lord Zedd in ruling over Earth.

The issue ends with several major cities under attack: Tokyo, Cairo, Dublin, and Melbourne, meaning the newly-aligned Justice League and Power Rangers already have to split up. But with the combined might of the League and the Power Rangers’ experience fighting giant monsters, you can be sure things are just getting started. But will it top a moment like Superman politely asking Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, to land her pterodactyl? Probably not.

Preview from 'Justice League/Power Rangers' #2.DC Comics

Justice League/Power Rangers #2 is out now. Issue #3 will be available on March 8.

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