Disney's "Star Wars Land" Will Open When New Trilogy Ends in 2019

CEO has already seen 'The Last Jedi.'

As the story of Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, Luke Skywalker and the Resistance comes to a close, Disney will open up its long anticipated Star Wars theme park in 2019. The opening of “Star Wars Land” has been confirmed for that year, the year the new Star Wars trilogy ends. Right now, after Episode IX in 2019, only one more standalone Star Wars film is scheduled for release in 2020. There will doubtlessly be more Star Wars films past 2020, but it looks like Disney’s Star Wars-themed park will at least partially capitalize on the conclusion of the current saga.

On Tuesday, the Disney Parks Blog revealed that Disney CEO Bob Iger “just made the announcement many of you have been so anxious to hear,” which essentially confirmed that “Star Wars Land” will open sometime in 2019. The Disney Parks Blog didn’t specific the exact date the park would open, and directed readers to revisit various pieces on concept art.

Star Tours


In 1986, Disneyland launched its first Star Wars-themed attraction: Star Tours. Though the original ride closed in 2012, a new version, called of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues — featuring material from The Force Awakens — currently exists at Disneyland, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Tokyo Disney. The new and expansive “Star Wars Land” will also be located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and promises to offer a ride in the Millennium Falcon, a battle with First Order stormtroopers, and more. According to EW, Bob Iger also has seen The Last Jedi and described it as “a great next chapter in the Skywalker family saga.”

There’s no word yet if Disney’s “Star Wars Land” will let you train as a Jedi Knight.

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