New 'Game of Thrones' Beer Demands That You Bend a Knee to Your Lord

But who are you going to side with?


As Tyrion Lannister once famously said, “It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy.” Luckily, Ommegang is here to help Game of Thrones fans imbibe with the brewery’s latest beer based on the hit HBO series. The catch with this latest concoction, though, is that it asks drinkers to declare their loyalty in the great war that’s going to ravage Westeros next season.

The beer — Ommegang’s eighth Thrones brew — is a Belgian-style golden ale brewed with wildflower honey called “Bend the Knee.” With an ABV of 9 percent, it’s a fairly strong beer, but you’ll need that liquid courage when you make pledge fealty to one of Westeros’s great houses. The beer, which comes in 750ml bottles, has three different possible labels, each with a different sigil. There’s the Lannister’s golden lion, the Stark’s direwolf, and the Targaryen’s three-headed dragon, according to GQ, which announced the new beer.

At the end of the last season of Game of Thrones, those three houses were certainly the most powerful players in Westeros. With Jon Snow and Sansa aligned with the Vale up in the North, Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne, and Daenerys sailing towards them with a massive fleet, it’s time to pick a side. Will you raise a glass for the Lannisters, or will you buy all three for about $11 a pop, playing multiple sides like a shitfaced Petyr Baelish?

Bend the Knee will come out in late May, so you’ve got some time to decide which house you’re going to align with.

The three labels for Ommegang's new 'Game of Thrones' beer, Bend the Knee.


There’s one beer that’s missing from this collection, however — an ice-cold ale representing the White Walkers, the real big bads in Westeros. Maybe Ommegang’s next beer will come in a frosty mug.

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