Sasha Knows Gregory Is a Spineless Coward on 'The Walking Dead'

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The time for unity against Negan is now, but Sasha knows her family won’t be able to rely on Gregory of the Hilltop Colony. Sonequa Martin-Green, the actor behind The Walking Dead’s Sasha, recently said that Gregory (Xander Berkeley) can’t be trusted to be a team player in the final fight against the Saviors.

“I, as Sasha, have no tolerance whatsoever for anyone who’s going to stand in the way or impede our process or our progress,” Martin-Green told Entertainment Weekly, saying Sasha has “a particular disdain for Gregory.”

Perhaps it was Maggie who termed it best when Sasha first called Gregory an idiot during Season 7’s “Go Getters” episode, responding that, no, Gregory is a coward, and that’s far more dangerous than being an idiot.

“And so this is someone who has no backbone, who acts out of fear, and that’s someone who is not a team player, who cannot be trusted, who you can’t link yourself up with because he’s not going to be dependable, and he might break teams,” Martin-Green said. In a fight against Negan, he might end up hindering the group’s mission, “So I have very little respect for him. Actually, I have no respect for him.”

If Gregory’s fate on The Walking Dead follows the same story as his comic series counterpart, then Maggie will end up taking over the Hilltop and have him hanged from a tree for all the residents to see. It’s dark stuff.

But if Martin-Green’s thoughts on Gregory are correct, that his “courage meter” is “at zero,” then it might just be the perfect, grisly end to a coward in the world of The Walking Dead.

Season 7B of The Walking Dead premieres February 12.

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