PAX Goes Analog With a New Tabletop-Only Convention

Stock up on dice. It's gonna be a party. 


PAX’s tabletop presence has expanded exponentially over the past few years, with entire sections of show floor dedicated to tabletop booths and areas for fans to gather together and play their favorite games. In response to increasing enthusiasm for tabletop games, both within PAX and without, Penny Arcade and ReedPOP, the folks behind the massive video game conventions, have announced PAX Unplugged.

The weekend-long event will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from November 17 to 19. PAX Unplugged will bring more of the fan-focused game demos, panels, and concerts that put PAX events on the map but this time with a focus on tabletop gaming. Penny Arcade founder Jerry Holkins stated that while tabletop and card games will still have a presence at the PAX video game conferences, PAX Unplugged will fully embrace “face-to-face multiplayer experiences.

This announcement comes at a time when tabletop games are coming out of a huge renaissance. Tabletop and card games have a huge following once more, with both established names and indie developers creating cult hits that are popular with both video gamers and broader audiences alike. As the nerds have risen, so has the board game, and it’s a great time to pick up the hobby.

Tabletop players congregate at a past PAX convention. 


PAX Unplugged is open to the public, and badges will go on sale this spring. Pay attention to updates from PAX — if Unplugged is anything like other PAX events, badges are likely to sell very quickly.

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