'Black Sails' Ladies Talk Eleanor, Anne, Max, and Season 4

Hannah New, Clara Paget, and Jessica Parker Kennedy talk 'Black Sails' Season 4 and share behind the scenes details.

Although Black Sails is set in the 1700s, the women populating its world are not exactly keen on following the social customs of the time. There’s hardly a tea party in sight, and heteronormative relationships are few and far between.

Anne Bonny (Clara Paget) is not only more lethal and unpredictable than any of the show’s male pirates, but the Season 3 finale saw her assuming a position of leadership and commanding a crew. And while Eleanor and Max are not pirates themselves, throughout the previous three seasons, Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New) has used her wits to maintain her grip on Nassau, a difficult feat in a place where the balance of power is constantly shifting. For her part, Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) has used her ambition to climb the ladder from prostitute to respected businesswoman who has her own spy network on retainer.

Going into the fourth and final season — which promises a war over Nassau’s future — each woman has everything to lose. Clara Paget, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Hannah New sat down with Inverse to discuss why Anne would front a punk band if she retired from piracy, Toby Schmitz’s obsession with Christmas, why fake volleyball tryouts happen behind the scenes, and more.

Here is the snazzy edited version:

And here is the full-length version:

Before the Season 4 premiere, expect another video featuring Hannah New, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Clara Paget, Luke Arnold, and Tom Hopper.

If you missed our interview with the creators, catch it here, and if you missed our video with Luke Arnold and Tom Hopper about Silver and Billy, check it out here and below.

The fourth and final season of Black Sails premieres January 29 on Starz.

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