The Best Twitter Memes of Donald Trump's Ridiculous Speechwriting Photo

He's wishing he knew how to use a computer.


Apparently Donald Trump has never heard of speechwriters. Or, if he has, he must think he’s, like, too smart to rely on them. The president-elect posted on Twitter today a photo of himself (supposedly taken three weeks ago) “writing my inaugural address at the Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago.” Since the photo dropped, the internet has all but tripped over itself in trying to find exactly the best way to meme and make fun of the absolutely ridiculous picture.

There are quite a few avenues of entry, the most obvious of them being Trump’s expression, which has him looking equal parts confused and disgruntled at the prospect of actually writing something. Then there’s the fact that he’s holding what appears to be a completely blank legal pad and a black sharpie, his (for some reason) writing utensil of choice. And, of course, there’s the backdrop, which can only be described as “gaudy, YMCA poolside bathroom.”

Here’s the best of what the internet has put out so far:

Dan Harmon putting the word out.

Somehow this is actually believable.

1 Hint: Shirtless, riding a horse.

Can’t hack paper.

“Draw me like one of your [Russian] girls.”

Now who’s the secret Kenyan Muslim?

Would be surprisingly succinct for a Trump speech.

But it’s the most luxurious way to write an ‘S.’

‘A’ for effort?

It’s all just been a cry for help.

He can’t get enough of that ‘S.’

What everyone was really thinking when we saw the original.

It may be, however, that everyone is just needlessly getting themselves into into a tizzy about this whole speech thing. After all, Trump does have “the best words.”

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