Netflix's Defenders Argue About Their Own Show On Twitter

Entertainment Weekly, Netflix, Marvel Studios

In what looks like a flashback to the early 2000s internet, Netflix’s various Marvel shows are arguing/role-playing with each other about the upcoming Defenders team-up show, only on Twitter instead of message boards.

A host of new Defenders information is being released, and with it a brand new cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly featuring all four of the Defenders including: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

The cover shoot is one of the first instances of seeing all the Defenders together in one space, and the social media for each of the respective characters are choosing to use this occasion to bicker on Twitter like this was LiveJournal circa 2002.

The Twitter account for Luke Cage was one of the first to jump on the newly released cover image, suggesting that Luke Cage is going to need “a bigger swear jar” if he’s going to hang out with the other Defenders.

The @Daredevil account, channeling the boy scout personality of its namesake, chooses the lamest swear when talking with their social media counterpart.

This little exchange was just a preview for things to come when @JessicaJones also tweeted out the cover, only with a little extra snark.

Again @Daredevil is the first to respond, only to get shot down moments later. Whoever runs @JessicaJones is killing it.

Of course newcomer @MarvelIronFist jumps in like every other person whose ever done a free Yoga trial at their nearest studio.

This fun back-and-forth comes to a head when @MarvelIronFist finally tweets out the same cover story for the third time, which leads to this, frankly cringe-inducing “conversation”:

While on the one hand, it’s cute to see these Twitter accounts act as extensions of their characters, even when the shows aren’t debuting on the streaming service. On the other hand, it’s also interesting to realize that the people behind the Twitter accounts all share an office somewhere. Honestly though, the role-playing is really just nostalgic from the days fan forums did the exact same thing, only on more private services than Twitter.

Netflix’s Defenders premieres sometime in 2017.