Humans Are the Enemy in New 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Trailer

They're controlling the "Old Machines."

One of the most anticipated games of the year basically started out as a sandbox challenge of “What if dinosaurs were also robots?” But it’s morphed into something else entirely. Sure, Horizon Zero Dawn is a story where the heroine battles giant mechanic animals, but the real enemy looks like it’s humanity.

The latest story trailer for the PlayStation 4 release gives us more information about Aloy and the world she inhabits. After witnessing a massacre at the hands of the so-called “Old Machines” as well as some masked figures, she ventures from her Sacred Lands in the wilderness to seek out a way to destroy the creatures once and for all. But it turns out that it’s not as easy as finding the power source and shutting them down, because someone is controlling the machines.

“There’s a threat to us all. Men in masks — raising up ancient machines. And I’ve seen their leader,” Aloy says in the trailer.

It looks like the the masked baddies are taking control of an “army” of giant machines and using them to subdue and control harmless Grazers out in the wild. Not a lot is known about the human villains of the story and what they want (other than power), but their leader kind of looks like Kratos from the original God of War games. Still, it’s awesome to see that Horizon is not just about some robotic machines causing havoc.

Horizon Zero Dawn from developer Guerrilla Games is set to release on February 28 for PlayStation 4.

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