What Illuminati Conspiracists Make of Trump's Rise

Is the president-elect an Illuminati figurehead?

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There are a host of allegations currently flying around about President-elect Donald Trump. Claims that Trump is [colluding with Russia, was involved in the DNC hack, and is into golden showers have been dominating the news cycle over the past week. But, on the scale of outlandishness, those allegations pale in comparison to individuals who believe in the Illuminati. To these conspiracists, Trump is playing a role in a game that’s much larger than himself.

The Illuminati (alternately referred to as Globalists or the New World Order) are believed to be a secret society/cult that has existed for centuries and has been pulling the strings of global politics for almost as long. In certain instances conspiracists latch on to details such as a politician or public figure throwing up unique hand signs, something that theorists have noticed Trump does during speeches. Because Trump is rich and powerful, and because he does these things with his hands sometimes, some believe he must be an Illuminati conspirator. But that’s where things start to get a little muddy. There are varied theories regarding Trumps actual relationship to the Illuminati and how exactly it will impact him when he assumes the office of president.

Trump and Clinton are both in on it, allege most Illuminati conspiracists.

The Conspiracy Zone

According to one theory on the website The Conspiracy Zone, Trump’s ego will likely place him in danger of being assassinated by Illuminati agents during his first term. The theorist first runs through a lengthy explanation and description of Trump’s actions, including those hand symbols, and why they know Trump is affiliated with the New World Order. In fact, they assert, “We know that Trump is a mind control programmer… It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Trump was Sarah Palin’s programmer. Palin is a known sex slave to the Elite.”

Definitive proof if ever we've seen it.

The Conspiracy Zone

Further evidence of Trump’s role as a programmer is provided in the form of what the author says is an email he received from a person whom Trump was previously controlling. The alleged email reads: “[Trump] wanted to control me completely and twice he had the police come to my house with an MIW and had me taken to a psychiatric hospital. To him this was playing and he wanted everyone in my area to see what was happening as he told me he did that so everyone could see he could control me.”

Accepting all of that, the author then turns to a intriguing prediction lifted from a card game. Thanks to Steve Jackson’s 1995 card game Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy, conspiracy theorists believe that Trump will soon be assassinated by his own handlers for breaking with their grand plan. The prediction is inspired by a single card in the deck, with the title, “Enough is Enough.”

The card game is also believed to have predicted events like the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, which are also viewed as Illuminati plots.

The Conspiracy Zone

The figure depicted on the card is said to resemble an angry Trump.

It could be Trump... or just about any other guy with his mouth open.

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According to these conspiracists, “if…his ego takes him down a road the globalists don’t want him to go, expect him to receive the same end that came to Kennedy.” Conspiracists believe the Kennedy assassination was the Illuminati too. It seems that, even in the wildest of theories, Trump is as much of a wild card to the Illuminati as he is to the rest of the country. But not all conspiracists subscribe to this narrative, and some believe Trump to be a much bigger threat than a card game would have us believe.

Other conspiracists believe Trump is actually a major Illuminati figurehead … or something like that, at least. These are the allegations of Janis and Gregory Kaighn in a lawsuit they have filed against Trump. Back in September 2016, The Daily Beast reported that their lawsuit claims that “Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president because he is plainly a member of the New World Order.” In fact, the Kaighns say the Trump family has, for generations, been interfacing with a secret dictatorship that was installed by Teddy Roosevelt to fix the outcome of the 2016 election. This was a plan decades in the making to eventually undercut the government and put a dictator in power.

Depending on to whom, if anyone, you decide to give credence, Trump is either an Illuminati agent or a New World Order ringleader. In either case, conspiracists say his victory in the 2016 election presents a grave threat to the future of American democracy. But perhaps more interesting than the theories themselves is the fact that they appear to align in spirit with the feelings many Americans had in the wake of the election: that it was the result of forces we didn’t fully understand until it was too late to reverse them.