'New Super-Man' Reveals China's Batman is Chosen by Combat

DC Comics

When the Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered, Bruce Wayne decided to fight crime as Batman. But on the other side of the world in China, Bat-Man is decided by one-on-one combat from crimefighting pupils. Welcome to the Academy of the Bat in Gene Luen Yang’s New Super-Man from DC Comics.

In Yang’s New Super-Man #7 out today, Wang Baixi, the Bat-Man of the Justice League of China, spends the Lunar New Year with his sister at his alma mater: the Academy of the Bat, the secret school from the Ministry of Self-Reliance, China’s government branch overlooking its state-approved superheroes. Upon his return, Baixi is challenged by an old rival to settle unfinished business. Baixi agrees, and wagers his Bat-Man mantle in the process. Meanwhile, Kenan Kong — the arrogant Super-Man — tries to renew his spirit following his father’s death by taking up mentorship from an old and quirky kung fu master.

Yang spends issue #7, the beginning of the book’s second arc, “Training Day,” revealing more behind the curtain of the Justice League of China. Each member of China’s League, aside from Wonder-Woman (Peng Deilan) and Super-Man, has its own academy. So far, only the Academy of the Bat and a new Academy of the Lantern (which hints a Chinese Green Lantern on their way) are revealed.

From 'New Super-Man' #7, with Bat-Man getting ready to face an old enemy.

DC Comics

The Academy of the Lantern assisted the Academy of the Bat in building a sparring arena made from hard-light constructs. Below, Bat-Man challenges his old foe in the “Gotham Arena.”


DC Comics

Things go south, which leads Wonder-Woman to investigate.

'New Super-Man' #7 reveals an Academy of the Lantern, recently built, which has access to similar hard-light construct technology similar to the Green Lantern Corps.

DC Comics

The comic doesn’t reveal the winner between Bat-Man and his rival. When Wonder-Woman suspects foul play, she finds a masked rogue — who has been pulling off pranks at the academy — tampering with the arena. The story will continue in New Super-Man #8, slated for February 8.

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