Blue Water Lilies Hold the Key to a Stunning, Different High

When smoked, the common additive to tea is just like weed. 

Besides being stunningly beautiful, the blue water lily has some surprising medicinal qualities, ranging from being an aphrodisiac to alleviating pain, depression, and even upset stomachs.

The blue water lily also has a dark underbelly: It’s got psychedelic properties that can catapult you into a super high.

Also called “blue lotus,” the blue water lily is believed to have originated in Egypt’s Nile River and was used by ancient Egyptians as a sacred substance to attain higher levels of consciousness. In fact, it’s common to find symbols representing the blue lotus in Egyptian pillars and scrolls.

There are three ways to intoxicate yourself with the plant. One is brewing a tea out of leaves and petals which seems to be the most mild approach and can be a very effective sleep aid. Most people who have smoked the plant say it’s like a softer form of cannabis, offering up a warm, calming sensation throughout the mind and body. The most smokeable parts of the blue water lily (i.e., the ones that will get you most baked) are the petals and bulbs, which can be packed into a couple bowls. A third, more creative way, to get high is marinating the flowers in wines first, which can result in a very psychedelic experience.

Unlike other easily accessible plants, like morning glory seeds or nutmeg, blue water lily doesn’t seem to be extremely potent: It’s not classified as an illegal drug in the United States and is easily found at health food stores as an additive for tea.

Will the otherwise innocent looking blue water lily be the next party drug? Maybe. At the very least, it’s a leading contender for being the most gorgeous party drug.

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