Krennic Wields a Blaster in Mysterious 'Rogue One' Deleted Scene


Director Orson Krennic pulled his blaster out in front of a lot of Imperial officers in a deleted scene from Rogue One. But who was he pointing his blaster at? Was he trying to kill Tarkin?

On Wednesday, January 4, Slashfilm published a set of behind-the-scenes photos from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While the exact origin of the photos remains unclear (some outlets have reported the photos were released by Lucasfilm), the arresting image of Krennic wielding his blaster continues to rile up fans about alternate versions of Rogue One that were lost, either in editing or reshoots of the film.

Last week, actor Ben Mendelsohn said there were “enormous differences” between the final version of Rogue One and the various takes he filmed. There were “multiple ways of going at any given scenario,” he said.

Looking at the new image of Krennic with the blaster certainly corroborates Mendelsohn’s statement. In what context would the Krennic we saw in Rogue One have whipped out his blaster pistol, seemingly while still on the Death Star?


It feels like in no version of the film would the Rebels have found their way onto the Death Star, so maybe Krennic’s target is an ally. Perhaps he pointed his weapon at his biggest rival…Grand Moff Tarkin.

Until the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Rogue One, fans are left to only speculate as to the various alternate ways Orson Krennic’s story could have unfolded, complete with his sinister gun-toting action.

Rogue One is out in wide release now.

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