Barry Vibes to the Future in 'The Flash' Season 3 Return

The CW

Barry Allen will never learn. After changing everyone’s lives with Flashpoint and then meddling to fix everything, Barry (Grant Gustin) somehow comes upon the bright idea to do it all over again. Except this time, he’s going to the future. What’s that saying about insanity and doing something all over hoping for a different result? Yeah, that’s Barry.

In the trailer for the show’s mid season return on January 24, Barry Allen arrives at the idea of figuring out where in the future he can prevent Iris (Candace Patton) from dying at the hands of Savitar. Taking the title of Back to the Future literally, Barry gets help from Cisco (Carlos Valdez) to vibe the future to figure out at which point he can stop it from happening.

This, of course, will not end well, because Barry has already been told repeatedly not to mess with time. That goofball will never learn.

At least he tells Iris. In the trailer, Barry — presumably on a date with Iris, as he’s dressed rather spiffy — confesses to Iris that he saw Savitar murder her and is now intent to stop it from happening at all costs. “We can change one of these events, we can change them all,” he reasons. Also, Wally is now officially Kid Flash, dressed up and ready to rock.

Check out the trailer below.

The Flash will return on January 24 on the CW.

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