Mid-Season Finale Reveals Why Savitar Is After 'The Flash’

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The Flash’s mid-season finale might’ve ended with a cozy Christmas scene, but things got pretty dark before Barry and Co. were able to crack open the eggnog. His battle with the mysterious speed god Savitar escalated, and we learned why he’s had it out for Barry this whole time. At some point in the future, Barry “traps” Savitar in the Speed Force — and the time-traveling evil speedster will get his revenge.

We got confirmation this week that Doctor Alchemy is an acolyte of Savitar and that poor Julian blacks out whenever he turns into the supervillain. After Julian and Barry reveal their secret identities to one another (and in Julian’s case, to himself) they’re able to think up a way to channel Savitar through Julian so they can have a quick chit-chat without having to deal with an speedy metal monster-man.

During this chat, Savitar claims to know all The Flash gang’s futures and leaves them with a chilling prophecy that will surely haunt the show (and its characters) going forward:

One shall betray you, one shall fall, one shall suffer a fate far worse than death.

It’s during this conversation that Savitar tells Barry he’s out to get revenge because Future-Barry trapped him in the Speed Force. To do away with the mind-controlling box that gives Savitar form, Barry and Jay throw it into the Speed Force, but in the process Barry gets bounced into the future for the first time to watch a freed Savitar murder Iris. Jay says it’s just one possible future, but it is unsettling, to say the least.

It’s not totally clear which future Savitar was referring to. Does Barry trap him for good in a more distant future, or was he just talking about what happened five minutes after their conversation when Barry chucks his box into the Speed Force? If that was supposed to be Barry trapping Savitar forever then, well, he gets out in five months, so the real event might be even further in the future.

In any case, now that we know that Barry can travel into the future, chances are we’ll jump ahead to learn what exactly is going down between him and Savitar. Maybe, while we’re at it, we’ll figure out the full story behind Future-Barry’s cryptic message to the Legends of Tomorrow.

Time travel, man …

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