People are NOT Happy With the 'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 Update

Where’s all the new Pokemon, man?

Niantic, Nintendo, GameFreak

The new update for Pokemon GO is live, and with it, a host of new Pokemon are available to players — sort of. Instead of releasing Generation 2 Pokémon from the Gold and Silver games into the wild, trainers have to subject themselves to what is essentially a lottery system of finding Pokemon Eggs and hatching them for a chance to get a new Pokemon. Turns out, players aren’t happy about this.

Essentially, if anyone wants a new Pokemon released in the latest update, they’ll have to make their way to their nearest PokeStop, presumably either a Sprint or Sprint affiliated mobile store. There, they will spin a little icon for a chance to get a Pokemon Egg. If and when the player finally gets said egg, they will have to walk several kilometers with their phone in order for the egg to hatch, thereby finally getting a chance to see whether or not all that walking results in a new Pokemon from Gen 2, or another Pidgey.

Egg hatching in Pokemon Go

Niantic, Nintendo, GameFreak

To many players, that sounds like a lot of work for a lot of uncertainty.

Mobile games typically rely on these lottery-like methods of gameplay to ensure players will keep returning to their game for yet another chance at getting the rare prize. While Niantic promises that the likelihood of getting a Gen 2 Pokemon is increased throughout the month, the chances of a bum egg are still present, and people have been sounding off their frustrations on Twitter.

Some didn’t have high expectations in the first place.

But people still got their hopes up anyway.

Maybe it’s all just part of a larger trend.

Frankly, it really isn’t all the surprising to see Niantic go this route for introducing new Pokemon into Pokemon GO. Having players constantly visit different, sponsored, PokeStops, and playing a game of chance in order to score some very adorable Pokemon sounds like a good way to keep players in the ecosystem. However, if you’re not down with the idea of walking 10 kilometers for a Pichu, consider picking up Pokemon Sun and Moon. At least all your walking in that game will be virtual.

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