Scotty and Sulu's Husband are Already Rebuilding the Enterprise

The continuing mission of the next starship USS Enterprise is already in the planning stages. After the destruction of the iconic ship in Star Trek Beyond, a new Enterprise will soon be heading out into the final frontier.

Today, Beyond screenwriters Simon Pegg and Doug Jung teased they are beginning work on the fourth film in the rebooted Star Trek franchise. A photo on Simon Pegg’s offical Twitter account showed the pair already workng on the still untitled screenplay. A previous press from Sykdance and Paramount Pictures indicated the next film will see the return of Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk — the supposedly deceased father of Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine). Whether this meeting occurs through time travel or a bizarre plot twist involving George having had a last-minute escape pod remains unclear.

And though Beyond depicted a new Enterprise being built in a time elapsed finale, the current IDW comics have made the status of that new Enterprise a little unclear. Could Pegg and Jung be explaining the ins and outs of how fast the Federation builds replacement Enterprises?

If George Kirk does return for Star Trek 4 (or Star Trek 14, depending on how you look at it) then Pegg and Jung have just been burdened with all of the previously worked-through daddy issues of the past three films. But, if their success on Beyond is any indication, this next voyage of the Enterprise could be the best yet of the new films.

The next Star Trek film does not yet have a release date. The adventures of the crew post-Beyond are being depicted in the IDW comic book series Boldly Go.

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