Angel City Is a Great Addition to 'Titanfall 2'

The fan-favorite map is back and better than ever. 

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If you’ve been keeping up with Titanfall 2 or looking for a reason to dive back in, Angel Citys Most Wanted may just be the expansion you were looking for. While it isn’t one of the biggest DLC packages we’ve seen, it comes with plenty of fresh goodies centered around the re-release of Angel City. This fan-favorite map from the original Titanfall still holds up as one of the strongest Respawn has created with numerous alleys, walls, and buildings to maneuver through while hunting down enemies.

Long before Titanfall 2 released, Respawn Entertainment’s co-founder Vince Zampella discussed how the company didn’t want to split up the multiplayer community with the post-release DLC. As such, Respawn decided to keep all of the games maps and modes free for everyone who purchased the game, adding a few cosmetic items with each update that players could then purchase for their characters in multiplayer. The theory works in practice with Angel City’s Most Wanted, even if a few of the items seem a little overpriced for what they offer you as a player.

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Angel City itself is a map comprised of a dense urban environment in the center which spreads out into a wide-open ring that surrounds the outskirts for flanking opportunities. Longer-range titans like the Tone or Northstar will feel right at home looping around the outskirts and picking off enemy targets trying to escape the city, while close-range titans such as the Ronin will feel more at home in the center of the map. It’s a great balance that compliments the new Titan classes very well, giving many opportunities to tear through enemies and pilots regardless of the mode you end up playing.

Angel City is also a fantastic map for pilot combat too. There’s plenty of open buildings that allow players to engage enemy pilots in close-quarters combat with shotguns and melee executions, as well as a few dozen rooftops for players who prefer using long-ranged weapons like the Kraber and G2. You’ll want to take advantage of each building being a wall-running opportunity regardless of your playstyle though, as Angel City serves up some of the best flanking routes provided you move around the map quickly.

From a cosmetic standpoint, Angel City’s Most Wanted brings Prime Titans, Titan Customization packs, Camo packs, and Callsign packs to Titanfall 2 if you’re willing to purchase them. Each of these packs are relatively straightforward, offering a new set of visual customization options for their specific category. There’s a few great camouflages and banners in them too, such as my new favorite raccoon banner, which I could grab along with all the other banners and patches for $1.99.

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The Titan customization packages are the pricier option in the DLC, offering a few new pieces of nose art and a new paintjob for each Titan class at $3.99 per Titan. You can also invest $4.99 in the newly introduced Prime Titans, which are complete redesigns of one of the original classes featuring a new chassis, unique sound effects, and a new execution for $4.99 apiece. Currently the Ion and Scorch are the only two available, with the rest on the way in later updates.

As an entire package, Angel City’s Most Wanted is a promising start to a much larger set of downloadable content for Titanfall 2’s fast-paced multiplayer. It’s great to see a solid selection of cosmetic customization being added to the game that feels affordable instead of being lumped together for one big price and one of our favorite maps returning from the original Titanfall. That said, it’ll be interesting to see where Respawn goes next when they start adding new maps and modes with the next few DLC releases. Here’s to hoping Frontier Defense makes its debut early next year.

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