'Titanfall 2' Multiplayer Is All About Teamwork

A quick list of tricks for staying alive in robotic engagements. 

Nicholas Bashore

Titanfall 2’s out now, and it’s already pulling players back into the gauntlet of robotic combat and parkour-based gunplay. Like the original game, Titanfall 2 relies heavily on fast-paced action both in and out of the Titans that the franchise is known for. A few distinct changes have been made to the basic formula, however, and we’re here to help you master them for multiplayer.

Here’s a few concepts you should know going in.

Nicholas Bashore

Get Your Titan ASAP

In multiplayer your Titan is a key tool that you’ll want to get as fast as you possibly can, and especially before players on the enemy team do. Since these hulking behemoths are fantastic at stomping through enemy infantry, claiming objectives, and eliminating enemy players, having them first gives your team a massive advantage.

You’ll get your Titan quicker by killing enemy troops and players, which means that you’ll want to head straight to the front line the second you drop into a match. Most players tend to run around the flanking routes at the beginning of a game, so I’d recommend heading straight down the middle or picking a hallway that you can control. Stay alive, get a few kills, and your Titan will be waiting for you to call it down in no time.

Nicholas Bashore

Pick a Titan That’s Best for You

Respawn Entertainment has completely reworked the way Titans function in multiplayer, scrapping the idea of player customization in favor of presets. Instead of allowing players to pick a chassis and customize the loadout, they’ve opted to build six specific Titan loadouts that come with a set weapon and arsenal of abilities: Ion, Scorch, Northstar, Ronin, Tone, and Legion.

The idea with each of these presets was to create a Titan chassis that excels at a specific role on the battlefield while providing a sense of balance that the development team could fine-tune if necessary. That means each of the Titan classes is valuable in their own way and adheres to a specific player style, meaning that you’ll have to experiment to find one that’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to change either, because one Titan isn’t going to be good against the other five in every combat situation.

Nicholas Bashore

Don’t Stop Moving

Titanfall 2s multiplayer is all about moving around the battlefield, whether it be running around in a hulking war robot or sprinting from wall-to-wall with your jump kit as a pilot. Every single map present in the current rotation is designed from the ground up to let you wall run and leap your way to victory, which is exactly what you’re going to have to do to survive.

Standing still in multiplayer will often result in your death, especially if you do it continuously. Regardless of the abilities and the weapon you equip your character with, enemy pilots and Titans will be able to take you down if you glue yourself to a specific area of the map. Make sure to practice (and master) running around on foot, jumping in and out of your Titan, sliding, and hip-firing with your weapon of choice if you want to stay alive.

Nicholas Bashore

Learn to Steal Batteries

Batteries are going to be your lifeline when it comes to keeping your Titan operational throughout a match. Instead of having a regenerating shield, Titans now spawn in with a single battery and no shield protection, which can only be gained by inserting an additional battery into the chassis. These batteries come in a variety of ways, but are mainly gained by stealing them out of enemy Titans.

When you jump on an enemy Titan, you’ll pull their battery and drain a significant amount of their shield (if one is active). If you return this battery to your Titan or a friendly one, you’ll slide it into the chassis and gain a full shield along with some ability cooldown reduction to keep you alive on the battlefield. Because of this new mechanic, you’ll always want to keep your Titan powered with additional batteries to keep it alive or, even better, have a dedicated battery runner stealing enemy batteries and powering the friendly Titans on your team.

Nicholas Bashore

Stay Near Your Buddies

Because of the new battery mechanic put into place in Titanfall 2, you’ll be much more reliant on teammate support this time around. A team that remains divided is a team that will quickly fall apart as enemy pilots steal batteries and Titans tear apart lone wanderers across the map.

Always make sure that you stick with at least one friendly teammate to lend support when they are under attack or overwhelmed by the enemy team. Stop enemy pilots from trying to pull batteries out of your teammates’ Titans and help protect friendly Titans when they are taking damage from multiple enemy contacts. The more you help cover each other’s weak spots in combat situations, the longer your team will stay alive and control the match.

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