Watch a Bloody Jerome Make a Cackling Return to 'Gotham'

DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television

Fox’s Gotham continues to live up to its Mad City season title after having introduced Mad Hatter and upping the crazy level of existing characters like Barbara Kean. Now, Gotham will bring the show to its final stretch by reintroducing possibly the craziest character Gotham has brought in so far: Jerome, aka Probably Joker.

Jerome Valeska is a typical troubled individual from Gotham who would later be locked up in Arkham for killing his mother. The last anyone has seen of Jerome, he was killed after leading his gang in an assault on Arkham Asylum that would end fatally for Jerome. Unfortunately for the good people of Gotham, his death caused a wave of copycat criminals who would adopt Jerome’s insane laughter. To make matters worse, insane villains in the city never really go away, and it looks like Jerome will be making a big comeback soon judging by this new promo.

It’s unknown how exactly Jerome came back from the dead, but he’s returned with a message for the criminals of Gotham city: Sanity is overrated.

The creators of the show have been coy about whether or not Jerome will become the Joker, but seeing him in this promo, it’s pretty clear that he is. Especially considering that his call for insanity mirrors a similar ultimatum that Heath Ledger’s Joker offered the hostage passengers of two ferries in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Even if Jerome isn’t the Joker, the show’s strange timeline suggests that he might be some alternate reality Joker that will end up up adopting a bulk of the Joker’s traits and tendencies.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m Eastern on Fox.

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