'Gotham' Just Released a Sexy, Bloody Tarantino Grindhouse Ad

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Fox’s Gotham is definitely not a somber Batman story like Christopher Nolan’s films, though both properties share a grey on darker grey palette. Gotham is pulp-y and the tone is a little more rough, bordering often on melodrama. That’s probably why the newly released teaser for an upcoming episode of Gotham, starring the two ladies who make up the Sirens, works so well as a Tarantino-esque homage to grindhouse cinema.

Barbara Kean, the ex-fiancée of James Gordon turned psycho, and Tabitha Galavan, the sister of Gotham’s mayor and also villain, make up Babs and Tabs, the owners of Gotham’s underground criminal nightclub, The Siren. When they’re not manipulating Gotham’s criminal elites, they’re exacting their own form of vengeance against the people who either wrong them or dare to stand up to them. Their combination of lethal force and sexiness lend themselves to grindhouse’s exploitative style, making for one hell of a teaser trailer.

The trailer is a good sizzle-reel for some of Barbara and Tabitha’s best moments in the show, including some of their best kills and more romantic moments. However, now that Tabitha has been kidnapped by the Riddler as revenge, Barbara is on the warpath to get her partner back before something bad happens to Tabitha.

Barbara Kean started the series as James Gordon’s fiancée, until the toll of living in Gotham caused her to snap, ending her up in Arkham Asylum for killing her parents. After getting out, she partners with the homicidal Tabitha and opens up The Siren, a nightclub that doubles as the duo’s criminal front.

It’s good to see Gotham let loose the veneer of seriousness and embrace the show’s inherently grindhouse nature, nailing the Tarantino style parody to the point. It honestly wouldn’t be a surprise if the episode ends with the duo murdering everyone in Gotham, then riding off into the sunset. Of course, given the episode description doesn’t mention the pair, and only the return of the Court of Owls, it might just be wishful thinking.

Gotham airs every Monday on 8 p.m. Eastern.

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