'Gotham' Will 100 Percent Bring Jerome, Young Joker, Back to Life

In October, Gotham shocked its viewers by killing off Jerome Valeska, a character who had seemed like an obvious Joker prototype. Executive producer John Stephens told Zap2It over the weekend that he and the rest of the show’s team planned with complete certainty to bring Jerome back from the dead à la Fish Mooney, though not before establishing a cult in his name. “We’re building the architecture for him to come back,” Stephens said, teasing that dead Jerome will be a subject of conversation during Season 3, but will not likely enter the fray again, in any physical way, until Season 4.

'Batman Beyond''s Jokerz

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Though the wait is disappointing for those who found Cameron Monaghan’s performance electric — and many did — delayed gratification in Season 3 will allow Gotham to introduce a tribe of obsessives who have appeared in countless Batman stories – from video games to cartoons to comics to The Dark Knight, Joker’s cronies.

Every version of Joker’s obsessives, whether they’re written by Frank Miller as street punks, or chemically dependent on the Joker, end up being exciting because they represent chaos in large numbers. The city of Gotham looks a hell of a lot more scary with crazies who worship Joker like a cult leader, running around and causing havoc. If Gotham plans on implementing Joker-ites as a new plot device in Season 3, suffice it to say: we’re on board.

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